How to use Supperware Firmware Tool

Download and run SFT.

Plug in the head tracker and click the ‘Connect’ button. Then click the ‘Open File’ button to choose the appropriate .bin file. The best version to use can always be downloaded from the Head Tracker page. It should look like this:

The left-hand panel of text tells you what’s already on the hardware, and the right-hand panel tells you what’s in the file. If you get a message like ‘As device (info unavailable)’ instead of the information in the picture, you may need to unplug and replug the head tracker. If you’re using Windows, you may also need to quit and restart the app.

But, if it all looks OK, click ‘Upgrade’ and wait. It should all just happen. It might complain that it cannot connect to the bootloader: if it does, give it a second or two and hit ‘Upgrade’ again.

If all goes well, the tool will tell you ‘Upgrade complete’.

Note: Even if the firmware update messes up, it is very hard to brick the head tracker, and you almost certainly haven’t. If something goes very wrong, restart the software and unplug and re-plug the head tracker. The worst that will happen is that it will start up in bootloader mode, which means it cannot be used as a head tracker (and will appear as a MIDI device called ‘Supperware Bootloader’) until you upgrade it properly. SFT will find it.