Head Tracker

I made some head trackers for audio VR. They are patent pending. I keep improving the hardware and software and I’m about to make some more. This is a page of resources for keeping yours up to date.

Supperware Firmware Tool

This app connects to your head tracker, tells you the version of firmware it is currently running, and allows you to upgrade. Download the appropriate one for your system.

Firmware images

Supperware Firmware Tool will ask for a .bin file. VoilĂ . Get the appropriate version for your hardware or you won’t be able to upgrade.

  • image-0.13-v3.bin (2020-03-22) for v3 head trackers (flex-rigid PCBs)
  • image-0.12-v2.bin (2020-03-22) for v2 head trackers (fixed to a steel headband). Note: 0.13-v2 temporarily withdrawn while I investigate compatibility issues.


  • Here are some very brief instructions about how to upgrade your head tracker.
  • Release notes tell you what has been fixed or changed since the last version you downloaded.
  • If you’re a programmer, the MIDI specification is what you need to communicate with the head tracker.