Bridgehead release notes

1.01 alpha (2020-03-30)

  • Carries bootloader 1.12 / firmware 0.56.
  • Added the connection pane to improve performance with third-party MIDI software.
  • Added the manual connect/disconnect mode (in connection pane).
  • Added the don’t-hide-away mode (in connection pane).
  • Changed window management: was multiple windows; now a single pane.
  • Changed navigation between panes: was using text buttons; now an icon grid.
  • Troubleshooting pane now shows raw sensor data.
  • Bug fix: yaw/pitch/roll mode applied rotations to the head animation in the wrong order.
  • Bug fix: improved bootloader mode handling.

1.00 (2020-02-19)

  • Carries bootloader 1.12 / firmware 0.55.